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Just download the Graeagle Fitness app from your smartphone’s app store.
From there you can choose your plan and enter payment info. The app will have a barcode that can be scanned to open the gym door.

2024 Membership Promotion

Purchase a 1-year membership and save!!! Must be paid in full at the time of purchase. For new or existing customers. Enroll by February 18th, 2024. Members with existing contracts can contact GFC to apply this promotion for future use. Email to apply this promotion to your next contract.

1-Year for $448
Regular price $489
That’s a savings of $80 off of the month-to-month price!

Download the Graeagle Fitness app from your app store and create an account to get started.

Membership Fees

1-day $10

3-day $15 (Must be consecutive days)

1 Month $59 per month

6 Months $49 per month (Paid in full $279)

12 Months $44 per month (Paid in full $489) It’s like getting a free month!

Family Memberships – (Includes family members in your household. Contact the office for enrollment)

6 Months-1st member is $49 per month all other members are $44 per month

12 Months – 1st member is $44 per month all other members are $39 per month

First Responder & Golf Members (Contact the office for enrollment)

6 Months $44 per month

12 Months $39 per month

Download the Graeagle Fitness app to start your membership.
Discounted rates must be activated by our office. Please call (530)836-2523 for assistance.

Located at 7440 Hwy 89, Graeagle CA

Meet Our Trainers


Patty Buchholz

ACE Cert. Personal Trainer.

Certified  Balance Body Reformer Instructor. 

Call for a free consultation. 530-320-6562

Photo of Patty Buchholtz, trainer at Graeagle Fitness.

I have been  in the sports and fitness industry for over 40 years…Growing up at Tahoe, skiing, rock, climbing, horseback riding.  With a certified ski racing and coaching background…

I feel I have an exceptional eye for biomechanics and watching for movement that could increase your performance and prevent injuries. 

I work closely with local professionals, such as physical therapist and chiropractors.  

I feel my background will help you be equipped for whatever is ahead of you fitness wise and or through physical challenges. 

My passion is to help you be prepared for the adventures ahead.


Petra Koukal
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and Specialists in Performance Nutrition, Certified Yoga Instructor.

Call to make an appointment: (530)386-2804

When life gets hectic or stressful it is not uncommon that human beings forget about their own health and wellbeing. My great passion is bringing direction and motivation together with my training knowledge and experience while teaching clients how to train safely and effectively to reach their goals.

A little about myself:
I was born in the Czech Republic and have been fascinated with the science of the human body, fitness, and nutrition since my early studies in Europe. Living in different countries throughout Europe and studying different techniques, I have taken my experiences and knowledge from the European approach and combined it with the experiences and knowledge I gained here in the States. As an Elite Trainer with ISSA (International Sports and Science Association), I’m also certified in Sports Nutrition and in Specific Nutrition, helping clients with diabetes or prediabetes. I have been working with my clients in the States for over 15 years, constantly broadening my education and skills.
My hobbies:
Alpine Skiing and Backcountry Skiing, hiking, rock climbing, kiteboarding, running, mountain biking, swimming, and pretty much anything that is done outdoors 🙂 Our beautiful Sierras keep me busy and entertained in my free time every season! My mission is to help you feel better! I’m here to help you on your path to becoming your Best Self, physically and mentally. I believe that a healthy body helps
create a healthy and happy mind.