Corner Barn FAQ’s
Barn availability is April – November.

Please call or email us for available dates – Graeagle Land & Water Co. at (530) 836-2523 or email

Yes. Please call to schedule an appointment – (530)836-2523. Our regular business hours are Monday – Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. We can also arrange to view the Barn on Saturday or Sunday.
Site Rental Package Includes:
Corner Barn

  • 5716 sq. ft. Barn with 32’ high ceilings
  • Restrooms (Men’s & Women’s)
  • 12 -55 gal Barrels
  • On-site Parking
  • 2 Monitors with HDMI Hook-up
  • 4 Propane Heaters

Chairs and Tables

  • 240 Brown Folding chairs
  • 250 White Resin Garden Chairs
  • 30- 3×8 Rectangle Tables
  • 12 Five-Foot Round Tables

Outdoor Features

  • The Tack Room – Outdoor Beverage Service
  • Two Ceremony Areas
  • Metal Watering Troughs

The Corner Barn can accommodate 381 for sit down dinner inside the barn and up to 814 people for standing and theater seating.

Extra fees will include Event Insurance in addition to your catering, décor, linens, etc.

The Graeagle Corner Barn rental covers 3 days!  Rental starts on Friday at 8 am and ends on Sunday at 5 PM
We can reserve a “tentative” date for one month. We require a signed Rental Agreement along with a Deposit to “reserve” the date on our calendar.
Yes, there are two outdoor ceremony areasA. There is an outdoor ceremony area in a groomed wooded area behind the Barn.  B. Directly behind the barn, there is a large grass section with pavers.

We also have other ceremony venues available in the Graeagle area such as the Graeagle Meadows Golf Course, Graeagle Park, and Graeagle Pond (there is an additional charge for non-Barn venues).

Capacity – Seats 381, Standing 814 in theatre setting.
The guest renting the barn is responsible for arranging catering. Please see the vendor list for local information.
No. Please see the vendor list for local information. – Mohawk Resource Center is next door to the Barn.
There is a parking lot adjacent to the Barn.
No. Please see the vendor list for local information.
The ceremony and reception can both be held inside the Barn at any time. You can create an alternate floor plan if the ceremony has to be moved indoors.
All vendor options such as catering, beverages, decorations, etc. are up to you. We do provide a list of vendor ‘services’ for information only.
No. Please see the vendor list for local options – Mohawk Resource Center is next door to the Barn.
The barn has a single string of decorative lights hung under the eaves on each side of the Barn. All other lighting and decorations are up to your imagination or see our vendor list for local information.

Restrictions: No silly string, glitter, or sparklers allowed inside or outside the Barn. Candles must be battery.

The barn does not have air conditioning; the barn doors can be opened at the front and back of the barn. There are also windows (with screens) that open.

The barn does not have a heating system, but 4 propane heaters are included with the rental package. Each heater has 5 gallons of propane pre-filled for your use.